Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How I was Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

In third grade I missed 36 days of school.

My mom kept on taking me to the doctor but they always said it was the flu. We figured there was something else wrong because every month I would stay home from school and have the stomach flu for a week.

Towards the end of the school year we saw a doctor who gave me a blood test that said I was positive to celiac disease. We saw a specialist doctor who saved my life. I had 6 blood tests that summer along with a biopsi and a broken arm.

The day I broke my arm I found out that I had Celiac Disease.

I have had it for almost 3 years now and am perfectly healthy. This blog will give you a feel of what being gluten free is like and will give you some great tips and recipes. I thougt having Celiac Disease was the end of the world but it turned out that it was really the start of something new.

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